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New Jersey Wildlife

Northern Pine Snake
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Biologists study crayfish in NJ’s rivers, and the monarch butterfly migration in Cape May. In the NJ Pinelands, watch a northern pine snake as it slithers across Lake Chatsworth and a Pine Barrens Tree Frog giving its mating call. A family comes home to find five Black Bear cubs playing in their front yard. Beautiful flocks of Snow Geese at the Forsythe NWR in South Jersey. There are two videos about Bald Eagles in NJ, and two more about dolphin watching and hawk watching in Cape May, NJ.

New Jersey is one of the most biologically diverse states in the country, and home to over 1000 different species of animal wildlife. Its many different ecosystems of coastal marine areas, pine forests, upland hardwood forests, fresh and salt water marshes, as well as 1000’s of lakes and rivers provide ample habitat for its many critters.

Red Fox, NJ
Red Fox in New Jersey - Photo: Gary Lehman

MammalsBlack Bears live mostly in NJ's Northwest region but have been sighted in all 21 of the states counties. This state has more white tailed deer per square mile than anywhere in North America. Suburban dwellers can always see rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, and an occasional fox or coyote. Hikers always come across deer and often see fox, raccoons, beaver, and woodchuck. If they are lucky (or unlucky), they might spot a black bear or skunk. Almost 90 different species of mammals live in New Jersey.


Piping Plover-Jersey Shore

Birds - NJ is an important stopover for bird migration along the East Coast and home to over 400 different species of birds. Bald Eagles have been sighted in 16 of NJ’s 21 counties. The states official bald eagle count now stands at almost 300. White and blue herons are commonly found in or near the states rivers and canals. The Red Cardinal can be seen everywhere in the state. The State Bird of New Jersey is the colorful American Goldfinch.


NJ Pine Barrens Tree Frog

Amphibians - 36 different species of frogs, salamander, and toad live in NJ. With 13 different species of frogs the most colorful and well known is the Pine Barrens Tree Frog. Bullfrogs that grow up to six inches are found throughout the state. At over eight inches long The Eastern Tiger Salamander is the state's largest amphibian, mostly found in South Jersey.


Box Turtle - Credit: FWS

Reptiles - NJ is home to 43 different species of snakes, turtles, and lizards. The Northern black racer and black rat snake are the state's largest snakes at over 6 feet. Both are found throughout the state. The Northern copperhead and timber rattlesnake are two venomous snakes found in NJ. The Snapping Turtle is the largest and most common turtle in NJ: they grow to over 20 inches and their range spans the entire state.

Sea Bass
Credit: NJMSC

Fish - The New Jersey coastline is home to over 300 species of marine fish. Saltwater fish off the NJ coast include sea bass, fluke, swordfish, sturgeon, cod, tuna, eel, marlin, and shark. Thousands of fishing ponds and lakes, as well as 100’s of rivers, provide ample habitat for 134 species of freshwater fish in NJ. Its lakes are known for bass, pickerel, sunfish, and carp. Rivers carry catfish, trout, shad, striper, and muskellunge. Some of the best fresh water fishing in the North America can be found in New Jersey.


Ghost Crab @ the Jersey Shore
Ghost Crab @ the Jersey Shore

Great Blue Heron at D & R Canal, Rocky Hill, NJ

Garter Snake at D & R Canal


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